Contributing to OpenCMISS

One of the key benefits of open source software is that anyone can use and change the code. This in turn allows many people to improve existing code or contribute new functionality. We at OpenCMISS want to make contributing as easy as possible while maintaining a high level of quality.

Read through the following pages to learn how you can contribute your code.

  1. Guidelines for contributing - At first you should know the 3 requirements that your contributed work can be accepted.
  2. Development Setup - How to setup your local copy of the code to get ready for development.
  3. Fortran and C/C++ Coding Standard - Keep in mind these conventions how to format your code.
  4. Documenting your code - As you know from the Guidelines, please provide enough documentation for your new features. Here’s how that works. (Coming soon)
  5. Contribution workflow- The process how you should start your planned feature and finally have it merged into the prime codebase.
  6. Reviewer documentation - How to review a pull request.

Prior to contributing code:

  • Subscribe to the OpenCMISS developer mailing list.
  • Watch the appropriate repo that you wish to develop (e.g. iron, zinc, documentation, or website) in your GitHub account.

Here is a collection of further useful links for developers:

List of links to OpenCMISS GitHub Issues, Mailing Lists, Contributors List