Find out more about the people behind the OpenCMISS project. Learn how to participate, file a bug report or make feature request.

News and Updates

Visit the News page to find the latest announcements from the OpenCMISS project developers.

View the minutes of regular OpenCMISS meetings held at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

Mailing List

Two mailing lists are set up, one for user support queries and one for developers working on OpenCMISS.

Users Support (View Archive | Subscribe)

User issues and questions about any OpenCMISS software can be e-mailed to the above mailing list address for developers and other users to respond to.

We invite anyone to subscribe to the OpenCMISS users mailing list by clicking on ‘Subscribe’ link above. Once subscribed you will receive any future questions from users and announcements from the developers, and can respond to them as part of the OpenCMISS community.

Please help us by using a descriptive message subject which summarises the issue or question, and also states the software component (Iron, Zinc, Cmgui etc.) and operating system, if the issue is specific to one.

When the archive is more established we ask you to first look for your issue there.

Developers (View Archive | Subscribe)

If you intend to extend or contribute to the OpenCMISS codebase, you can subscribe to the OpenCMISS Developers mailing list using the above link. Once subscribed you will receive future developer notifications and exchanges and be able to take part by mailing the developer list at above address.

GitHub issues

We track bugs, new features, design ideas and user queries through GitHub issues. We only ever add code changes for items with GitHub issues.

OpenCMISS-Zinc issues (including PyZinc)

OpenCMISS-Iron issues (including PyIron)

OpenCMISS-Documentation issues

OpenCMISS-Manage comprehensive OpenCMISS build system management issues

OpenCMISS-Setup simplified OpenCMISS installation script issues

OpenCMISS-Examples issues

OpenCMISS-Website issues

We ask users to first send issues and feature requests to the Users mailing list (see above) from which the developers will raise GitHub issues. Once you login to GitHub, you can add your feedback to these issue.

We stongly encourage users to add their interest in getting a feature or bug fix completed by posting to the relevant GitHub issue and watching the item on GitHub: this helps us to increase the priority with which they are looked into.


A complete list of past and current contributors can be found in the About page.