Minutes for 11 March 2016

Fri 11 March 2016

Present: Soroush, David, Alan, Chris, Prasad, Richard, Andre, Peter Apologies: Jenny raised an issue about face numbering in OpenCMISS. What is the most sensible way of defining relative faces in... Read More

Minutes for 4 March 2016

Fri 04 March 2016

Present: Soroush, David, Alan, Chris, Prasad, Richard, Andre, Peter Apologies: Build a generic environment to work with different softwares in the near future. Make a more consistent way to define... Read More

Minutes for 17 February 2016

Wed 17 February 2016

Present: Oliver, Martyn, Chris, Prasad, Richard, Andre, Hugh, Daniel, Peter Apologies: Manage system status - are we ready to switch default build systems? Platform statuses Windows MSVC - MSVC... Read More

Minutes for 12 February 2016

Fri 12 February 2016

Present: Soroush, Daniel, Oliver, Andre, Peter, Richard Apologies: David Ladd, Chris, Hugh User and developer intention document need to consider how to present user/developer intention on website... Read More

Minutes for 29 January 2016

Fri 29 January 2016

Present: Noel, Koray, Prasad, Hugh, Peter, Daniel, Chris, Andre Apologies: Hashem, Soroush, Richard Documentation versioning proposal:... Read More

Minutes for 22 January 2016

Fri 22 January 2016

Present: Chris, Noel, Prasad, Daniel, Soroush, Hashem, Hugh, Andre Apologies: Richard Updates Prasad: getting building set up, aiming at contact mechanics tidy-up; looking at using python bindings... Read More

Minutes for 15 January 2016

Fri 15 January 2016

Present: Andre, Daniel, Prasad, Hashem, Soroush Apologies: Chris, Richard Prasad mentioned that he was having trouble with getting pyZinc running on his machine. Daniel filled in the currentstatus... Read More

Minutes for 4 December 2015

Fri 04 December 2015

Present: Noel, Soroush, Hugh, Chris, Hashem, Prasad, Andre, Jenny, David Apologies: Updates: Noel: setting the download page in staging website Soroush: finished the cerebral circulation, defining... Read More

Minutes for 27 November 2015

Fri 27 November 2015

Present: Noel, Soroush, Hugh, Chris, Richard, David Apologies: Updates: Noel: website is going alive, compiling the API documentations from Zinc Richard: refactoring the finite element Soroush:... Read More

Minutes for 20 November 2015

Fri 20 November 2015

Present: Soroush, Chris, David Apologies: Updates: Chris: fixing buildbot, fixing the documentations Read More