About OpenCMISS.org

This OpenCMISS website is a Free Software project, part of OpenCMISS's documentation project. Its source is available on GitHub. It makes use of many open source libraries and frameworks.

This website is the new website for OpenCMISS software. Content is still being migrated from cmiss.org, physiomeproject.org and other sites.

Contact Noel Zeng, a developer and maintainer of this website if you have any suggestions, questions or praise about the website. If you have questions about OpenCMISS software projects, please take a look at the Community page.

Credit for Artworks

This website makes use of various artworks, here is a list:

  • Book icon - By Les vieux garçons, FR (Creative Commons Attribution)
  • Newspaper icon - Arthur Schmitt, CA (Public Domain)
  • Code icon - Luboš Volkov (Creative Commons attribution)
  • Grab hand icon - gentleface.com (Creative Commons attribution non-commercial)
  • File icon - By mantisshrimpdesign, IN (Creative Commons attribution)
  • Glyphicons Halfings - by Glyphicons.
  • Lato font - by Łukasz Dziedzic (SIL Open Font License 1.1)