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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ContextThe context is the primary object created for each instance of Zinc
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::DifferentialoperatorDescribes the derivative of a field to evaluate
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ElementA single finite element from a mesh
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ElementbasisA set of basis functions that can apply over an element of a given dimension
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ElementiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the elements in a mesh
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ElementtemplateA description of element shape and field definitions
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldBase field type: an abstraction of a mathematical field
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldcacheCache for setting domain locations at which fields are evaluated or assigned
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FielditeratorAn iterator for looping through all the fields in a fieldmodule
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldmoduleContainer/manager of fields and domains within a region
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldmodulecallbackBase class functor for field module notifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldmoduleeventInformation about changes to fields and other objects in the field module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldmodulenotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a field module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FieldsmoothingParameters for smoothing a field
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FontFont object controlling attributes of rendering text
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::FontmoduleModule managing all fonts
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphA glyph is a static graphics object used to visualise a point in space
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the glyphs in a glyphmodule
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphmoduleModule managing all glyphs
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphmodulecallbackBase class functor for glyph module notifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphmoduleeventInformation about changes to glyphs in the glyph module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GlyphmodulenotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a glyph module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GraphicsBase graphics type: produces 3-D graphics visualising domains and fields
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GraphicslineattributesAttributes object specifying how lines are visualised
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GraphicspointattributesAttributes object specifying how points are visualised
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::GraphicssamplingattributesGraphics attributes object specifying how points are sampled in elements
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LightThe light controls how vertices will be lit on a sceneviewer
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LightiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the lights in a light module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LightmoduleModule managing all light objects
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LoggerFont object controlling attributes of rendering text
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LoggercallbackBase class functor for logger notifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LoggereventInformation about changes to messages in the logger
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::LoggernotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a logger
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::MaterialZinc materials specify colouring of graphics
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::MaterialiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the materials in a materialmodule
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::MaterialmoduleModule managing all materials
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::MeshA finite element mesh consisting of a set of elements of fixed dimension
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::MeshchangesObject describing changes to a mesh in a fieldmoduleevent
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::NodePoint object used to represent finite element nodes
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::NodeiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the nodes in a nodeset
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::NodesetA set of nodes or points
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::NodesetchangesObject describing changes to a nodeset in a fieldmoduleevent
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::NodetemplateA description of field parameters to define at a node
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::OptimisationA description of a non-linear optimisation problem
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::RegionA hierarchical block/namespace owning domains and fields
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneContainer/manager for graphics visualising a region
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ScenefilterScene filters determines which graphics are drawn
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ScenefiltermoduleModule managing all scene filters
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::ScenepickerUtility object for picking graphics and model objects
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewerThe Zinc sceneviewer is responsible for rendering the graphical Scene
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewercallbackBase class functor for Sceneviewer notifier callbacks:
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewereventInformation about changes to fields and other objects in the scene viewer
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewerinputDescribes a mouse event for processing by the sceneviewer
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewermoduleModule object for creating and managing scene viewers
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SceneviewernotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a scene viewer
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SelectioncallbackBase class functor for Selection notifier callbacks:
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SelectioneventInformation about changes to the selection group in the scene
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SelectionnotifierManages individual user notification of changes to the selection group
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrumZinc Spectrum maps values of graphics data fields to colours
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrumcomponentMaps a single component of a data field to colour in a spectrum
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrumiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the spectrums in a spectrum module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrummoduleModule managing all spectrums
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrummodulecallbackBase class functor for spectrum module notifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrummoduleeventInformation about changes to spectrums in the spectrum module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::SpectrummodulenotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a spectrum module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::StreaminformationBase type listing resources and options for stream I/O
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::StreamresourceA description of a resource for reading from or writing to
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationThe tessellation controls the number of polygons or line segments
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationiteratorAn iterator for looping through all the tessellations in a tessellation module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationmoduleModule managing all tessellation objects
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationmodulecallbackBase class functor for tessellation module notifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationmoduleeventInformation about changes to tessellations in the tessellation module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TessellationmodulenotifierManages individual user notification of changes with a tessellation module
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TimekeeperThe timekeeper synchronises a current time across Zinc objects
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TimekeepermoduleModule for finding and managing timekeepers
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TimenotifierDescription of timing requirements and for setting up time callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TimenotifiercallbackBase class functor for Timenotifier callbacks
oCOpenCMISS::Zinc::TimenotifiereventInformation about changes to the timekeeper/time
\COpenCMISS::Zinc::TimesequenceA non-decreasing list of times at which nodal parameters can be stored