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OpenCMISS::Zinc::StreamresourceFile Class Reference

A derived streamresource describing a file. More...

#include <stream.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for OpenCMISS::Zinc::StreamresourceFile:

Public Member Functions

 StreamresourceFile (cmzn_streamresource_file_id streamresource_file_id)
char * getName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenCMISS::Zinc::Streamresource
 Streamresource (cmzn_streamresource_id in_streamresource_id)
 Streamresource (const Streamresource &streamResource)
Streamresourceoperator= (const Streamresource &streamResource)
bool isValid () const
cmzn_streamresource_id getId () const
StreamresourceFile castFile ()
StreamresourceMemory castMemory ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenCMISS::Zinc::Streamresource
cmzn_streamresource_id id

Detailed Description

A derived streamresource describing a file.

A derived streamresource describing a file.

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Member Function Documentation

char* OpenCMISS::Zinc::StreamresourceFile::getName ( )

Return the name set on the file resource.

On success: allocated string containing field name. Up to caller to free using cmzn_deallocate().

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