Creating a New ExampleΒΆ

This document covers how a user can get their example added to the set of official OpenCMISS examples. These official examples are used to maintain the functionality of OpenCMISS and as such we aim to have 100% success of building and running the examples in this set. It is therefore a good idea to have your own examples added here ensuring that it will always be compatible with released OpenCMISS libraries. This official set of OpenCMISS examples is hosted here:

If you want to add your own example to this set all you need do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Request a new example repository by creating an issue here
  2. In that issue specify the name and license for the new example
  3. Create a pull request from your fork of the new example repository to the official repository.

You can get more details on this process by reading the README on new examples.

When creating your new example consult the template example repository on how to put together an example (or how we would like our examples to look). It is important that this guide is followed since reviewers will check to see if the new example fits with the guidelines.