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Deformed coronary mesh model, made by with cmgui

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OpenCMISS is a set of libraries and applications which provide modelling and visualisation capabilities for complex bioengineering problems.

Finite element analysis-based models

Models are represented as mathematical fields defined over domains, including finite elements with support for high-order basis functions, complex parameter mappings and time variation, as well as image-based fields. Further fields can be defined by mathematical expressions and algorithms on existing fields, including image processing filters.

Field-mapping Visualisation

Visualisations of models are created by graphics algorithms which assign fields to attributes, including 3-D coordinates, texture coordinates, data/colouring, and specific attributes such as iso-scalar field for contours, vector field for streamlines, and orientation, scale and label fields for points.

Free and open source software

OpenCMISS libraries and applications have been developed and deployed by teams in universities for over 30 years. Stable releases are made regularly. It's developed as a free software project, and is available for Windows, Max OS X and Linux, with APIs offered in C, C++ and Python.

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