OpenCMISS central installations

If an entire work group uses OpenCMISS, it is desireable to have a pre-compiled set of OpenCMISS libraries and dependencies at a central location on the network. While this can save a lot of disk space and reduce maintenance efforts, good care needs to be taken to find and use a matching set of libraries depending on your local architecture, compiler and MPI versions. The OpenCMISS build system tries to find those matches automatically by using an architecture path.

User instructions (=”Client-side”)

Specify the OPENCMISS_SDK_INSTALL_DIR in the build options or add -DOPENCMISS_SDK_INSTALL_DIR=[..] to your initial build arguments. The build system will then automatically search for a matching OpenCMISS installation at that directory. The above procedure is recommended as it will use an architecture path to find compatible installations.

If that fails for some reason and you need to override that mechanism, specify OPENCMISS_SDK_INSTALL_DIR_FORCE instead and have it point to the mpi-dependent architecture sub-path of the sdk installation which contains the context.cmake file.

Developer instructions (=”Server-side”)

To set up a central OpenCMISS installation:
  • Set up the OpenCMISSDeveloper file and enable the (in this case mandatory) OC_USE_ARCHITECTURE_PATH setting.
  • Please also make sure to fill in your eMail address into OC_INSTALL_SUPPORT_EMAIL.
  • Next, build and install all the different configurations that you want to provide for the consuming clients.
  • Finally, publish the installation root directory OPENCMISS_ROOT/install (check for different mount paths!) as OPENCMISS_SDK_INSTALL_DIR to anyone wanting to use the central installation.