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logger.hpp File Reference
#include "opencmiss/zinc/logger.h"
#include "opencmiss/zinc/context.hpp"

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class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Logger
 Font object controlling attributes of rendering text. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Loggerevent
 Information about changes to messages in the logger. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Loggercallback
 Base class functor for logger notifier callbacks. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Loggernotifier
 Manages individual user notification of changes with a logger. More...


 The OpenCMISS namespace.
 The OpenCMISS::Zinc namespace.


bool OpenCMISS::Zinc::operator== (const Logger &a, const Logger &b)