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element.hpp File Reference
#include "opencmiss/zinc/element.h"
#include "opencmiss/zinc/field.hpp"
#include "opencmiss/zinc/differentialoperator.hpp"
#include "opencmiss/zinc/node.hpp"

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class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Elementbasis
 A set of basis functions that can apply over an element of a given dimension. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Element
 A single finite element from a mesh. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Elementtemplate
 A description of element shape and field definitions. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Elementiterator
 An iterator for looping through all the elements in a mesh. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Mesh
 A finite element mesh consisting of a set of elements of fixed dimension. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::MeshGroup
 A subset of a master mesh. More...
class  OpenCMISS::Zinc::Meshchanges
 Object describing changes to a mesh in a fieldmoduleevent. More...


 The OpenCMISS namespace.
 The OpenCMISS::Zinc namespace.


bool OpenCMISS::Zinc::operator== (const Element &a, const Element &b)
bool OpenCMISS::Zinc::operator== (const Mesh &a, const Mesh &b)